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Established in 1994, Mills & Hoopes, LLC - Attorneys at Law has combined compassion for our clients with aggressive pursuits of justice. Every decision we make on behalf of individuals and businesses is done with their best interests in mind. Simply stated, we care about our clients and back up that claim with personalized handling of their cases and employing individualized strategies to get results.

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A Focus On The Best Legal Care Our Clients Need And Deserve

Our lawyers are foremost in their respective legal practices. Their experience and knowledge may differ in the areas of law they focus on, yet each member of our legal team shares the same goal: provide the best in legal care. Area residents also benefit from our wide range of legal services that include:

While many cases are resolved through negotiation or mediation, we do not shy away from trial. From simple lawsuits to complex litigation with multiple parties and defendants, we possess a high level of skill and savvy in the courtroom. Should verdicts not go our way, we are prepared to write and pursue appeals up to the Supreme Court, bringing experience few of our peers have.

Over time, we have established a lengthy list of loyal clients who return to us as legal matters arise and refer associates, and friends in need of legal care.

What Sets Us Apart

Based in Lawrenceville, our litigators do not shy away from complex personal injury, criminal defense and civil business-related cases. While we resolve cases through negotiation and mediation, if a trial or appeal is in a client’s best interests, we doggedly work to purse the best outcome in court.

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