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Suffering From A Slip and Fall Injury?

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere. It always seems like it happens when you least expect it. Then, as the injuries set in, it becomes clear the impact the fall had on your life and all the activities you pursue.

Mills & Hoopes, LLC , know how to help you with your premises liability claim. There can be many underlying reasons for a fall, including:

  • Unmarked wet floors
  • Unsafe construction sites
  • Debris on the floor of a public place

We can help you determine the cause of your fall, what the property owner should have done to prevent it and the next steps for making your claim.

Recovery For All Kinds Of Injuries

There is a significant range of injuries that can come from a slip and fall. Any of them can leave you with medical bills and the inability to work and enjoy your life. You should be able to focus on getting better rather than having to worry about the details of your case and how the hospital bill will get paid.

We can help you seek compensation for all kinds of injuries, including:

  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Spine injuries

Some injuries will hurt more in the days after the accident; that is why it is essential to talk to a doctor as soon as possible after your fall to evaluate your injuries.

Time To Get Started

Our skilled lawyers can answer your questions about your claim and help you understand what will come next. Contact us online or call our Lawrenceville office at 678-373-4220 for a free consultation with an attorney.