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While every form of alternative dispute resolution is explored in resolving legal disputes, mediation and negotiation do not always lead to a satisfactory resolution. Our lawyers understand that sometimes litigation is inevitable. In many cases, a trial is the only way to pursue the best outcome on behalf of our clients.

The attorneys at Mills & Hoopes, LLC - Attorneys at Law are experienced in trying simple and complex cases that range from two individual parties in dispute to litigation between multiple plaintiffs and defendants. We have appeared before courts throughout Georgia, up to the Court of Appeals.

Lawrenceville Litigation Lawyers Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Going to trial is a decision that requires all the facts to be presented and detailed analysis of the potential benefits versus risks. Part of our commitment to providing the best in legal care involves thoroughly educating our clients on litigation.

With honesty and candor, we will tell you what we have told countless clients. Trials can be lengthy and the costs of litigation can be significant. However, every decision we make is in your best interests. That includes financial. Simply stated, some high stakes cases are best resolved through litigation.

A trial verdict is not necessarily the final ruling in a lawsuit. Our job does not necessarily stop once an initial ruling has been made. Many trials have led to appeals. Few of our peers can match our experience and track record of success at the appellate level.

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